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Indian Graduate Student Association at Case Western Reserve University



Frequently Asked Questions

My classes start on X date. When should I come?
We would advise about 2-3 weeks before the classes start.

Can I work off-campus to make some extra money?
Working off-campus is illegal if you are an International Student. Working off-campus, may result in deportation from the United States.

How to go about getting an on campus job?
Once you arrive here, you would need to go to the student employment office in Yost Hall and they’ll take care of it.

How much does the on-campus job pay?
It usually pays from $8.50 to about $14 per hour and you are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hrs a week. DO NOT WORK FOR MORE THAN 20 hrs A WEEK AS IT MAY LEAD TO YOU BEING DEPORTED TO INDIA.

What kind of work do we get in on-campus job? Are there any special skills required?
You don’t require any special skills and the on campus jobs could be as a librarian, assistant at a food-court, or clerical jobs like updating a database, preparing documents etc. Some basic computer skills may be required at a few jobs.

How easy is to get an on-campus job?
Getting an on-campus job is also pretty easy and not very demanding. However, we advise that you do not work during the first semester since there is heavy course-load and new students usually find it relatively difficult to cope with all of it.

What are the immunization I should get?
For Health related issues please refer go to the International Student Services webpage under the health paragraph. If you have questions regarding these issues please direct your questions to International Student Services ( as they are in a better position to answer them.

Shall I get health insurance from India?
Usually all the Case Students have a Case Medical Insurance and a few students arrive with a Medical Insurance plan from India, for at least the first semester after their arrival.

How can I get my bank account?
Getting a bank account is easy; you just go to the closest bank and tell them you want to open an account. It takes about 1-2 weeks for the account to be up and ready to use.

List of banks close to Case:
National City Bank, Fifth-Third Bank, CharterOne Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Huntington Bank and Key Bank.

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