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Indian Graduate Student Association at Case Western Reserve University

Cricket Rules and Regulations 2010


Rules and Regulations:

It will be a 9-a-side cricket tournament, with at least 2 girls (women) per team

  1. Each team will get 9 overs per innings. Each innings will be divided in two parts: A: 2 overs will be girls vs. girls (girls bowling to girls) and B: remaining 7 overs will be guys vs. guys. However, all 9 players will field during both parts (A+B). Scores from both A and B added together will be the final score of the innings.
  2. Girls are allowed to bowl underarm and from a shorter pitch length. Guys will have a 22 yard pitch with overarm bowling.
  3. All games will be played with heavy tennis ball
  4. Each game will be officiated by Satrang appointed umpires and will hold the right to make a final decision in case of conflict and any disputes will be resolved by the umpires in consultation with the Tournament Organizing Committee.
  5. Satrang will provide equipment (bats, balls, and stumps), officials, and refreshments (Gatorade).
  6. Depending upon the response we can either have a round-robin or group games followed by playoffs- semi-finals and finals. Each game should take approx. 1.5 hours to complete (both innings).
  7. Each player can represent only one team during the tournament (players are not allowed to be traded either).
  8. Satrang is NOT liable in the event of any injuries sustained during the course of the tournament.
  9. We are operating under severe time constraints. Therefore it’s highly likely that teams arriving late will be forced to forfeit their game.
  10. Entry fees is free for SATRANG members and $5 for non-members. This tournament is open to everyone. In case you cannot form teams please submit your name and we will try to put you in a team, though it is not guaranteed.

General Rules:

  1. “Standard Cricket Playing rules will apply”
  2. During the tournament all the participants are expected to behave professionally and should avoid abusive language /gestures/ question umpire’s decision.  Umpires decision will be final.
  3. Because of time constraint: a team arriving 15 or more minutes late will forfeit their match. Please refer to the schedule for timings. Minimum 6 players including one girl will be required for the team to start their match.
  4. Toss will be held 5 mins before the scheduled start. If one of the team captain (or nominee ) is not present , the other team captain will deemed to have won the toss.
  5. Team with highest points/ wins goes to the next round
  6. In case of a 2-way tie:
    • If two teams have played with each other, the winner goes to the next round
    • If two teams have not played with each other, team with higher run rate will go to next round. Note that this is different from net run rate. By considering just the total run rate, we can reduce the impact of the other teams (particularly the batting power of other teams) while evaluating the team performance.
  1. For a 3 way tie, a run rate will determine which team moves to the next round.
  1. Area of play will be in front of the wicket (i.e. no runs behind the playing square on either sides)
  2. Keeper is compulsory
  3. TWO bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 overs each.
  4. Three wides in a over will be counted as an extra run and for every wide after that will be counted as another extra run in that over.
  5. Overthrows not allowed
  6. A ball is declared no ball if it crosses the stumps bouncing at least twice without any contact to any player or bat. If it hits the bat or the player after two bounces even then it will be treated as a no ball.
  7. Batsman can only be run out on a No ball (no stumping).
  8. No LBWs and no leg byes. Ball hit to any part of the body except wrist will be considered as leg byes.  No run-out will be given, if the umpire declares it as leg byes. Stumping will still be allowed
  9. An inning will end when all batsmen are dismissed. Last man will bat with a runner at the other end and will switch in the case of odd runs are being made.
  10. Waist high full-toss ball or a bouncer above shoulder height will be considered as a no ball. Note that in these cases the batsmen should be in the crease.
  11. Any changes to above rules / additional rules if any will be conveyed to the respective captains before the start of the match.
  12. Umpires decision in all the matters will be final.
  13. “All decisions made by the Satrang Tournament Organizing committee will be final


  1. If a game is tied at the end of both the innings, then the team that lost lesser number of wickets will win.
  2. If the number of wickets lost is also the same, then the team that played less overs to score the runs will win.
  3. After this, a coin toss will determine the winner.
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Case Spring Cricket tournament 2010


Hello Everyone,

Considering the overwhelming response we got for our our previous editions of Case Fall Cricket Tournaments 2009, we plan to continue the tradition this Spring, with a mega cricket event in Veale Center on SundayMarch 21st 2010. If the scheduled games run over and we cannot complete all matches on the 21st March we have a back up day for the 28th March. Also, this is the 6th Case tournament (3rd Spring) We had some extremely close games and fierce competition last time, and it should be even more interesting this time. As usual, it will be an 9-a-side cricket tournament (format similar to the one for previous Case Fall Cricket Tournament) and the winning team will get the Case Cricket Cup. This is a great opportunity to show your cricketing talent and athletic skills, and most importantly have a lot of FUN, and we are here for you to provide everything else!. Yes, SATRANG will provide delicious food and refreshments to all participants for free.

You also get to form/ pick your own team and have a cool name for it!. If you don’t have a team yet, just send your name. We accept individual entries and based on number of individual entries we will try and create a team for you.

We are limiting the number of teams to EIGHT. Hurry up and send your team as soon as possible.

Register by submitting your team or your name to Vinay at, Varun at, Vivek or Chirag at A team shall consist of (maximum) 7 guys and (minimum) 2 girls. Registration is free for Satrang members and $5 for non-members. The last date for submission of entries is 15th March 2009. We need your feedback as soon as possible, so that we can finalize the game schedule.

Please feel free to contact Chirag at, Vivek at or Vinay at in case you have more questions. Also, please do not send your comments/ questions/ discussions to Satrang.

Attached is the rules and regulations.

What:   Case Spring Cricket Tournament
When:  Sunday, March 21st 2010, 1pm to 10 pm.
Where: Veale Center, CWRU.
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